A Mighty Lonesome Show


When someone refers to your fine art stitched textile wall pieces as “pot holders”, it’s a pretty big clue you’re at the wrong show.  Unfortunately, such was the case for me this past week at the ACRE Las Vegas show.

stitched sweetiesThe good news is I wrote 2 orders with 2 new galleries and met some new artist friends, several of whom have many years experience selling wholesale and doing these shows, and they shared good insight and knowledge.

It was a painfully long 3 days with so few buyers at the show, I enjoyed being able to take a break to go watch some of the national barrel racing championships which were happening just down the hall in the arena.  (There was an airline bowling team championship going on as well across the hall, but I passed on checking that out.)

IMG_0978The drive across Utah (especially coming home) was the highlight.  I had no idea the variety of colors and texture of the land of this state – so many oohs and aahs along the way –  I’m thankful for this road trip and the time to contemplate what’s next.


6 comments to A Mighty Lonesome Show

  • Definitely not the sort of customers that you want. I’m glad that your time wasn’t completely wasted though. Beautiful scenery.

    • Ayn

      Thanks Maggi, the road trip was definitely the gift. Wish I had just spent the whole week exploring the land of Utah, would have been a much better and more enjoyable time out in the wilds.

  • Ann

    ouch! Sorry to hear that. I did ACRE the first time they did the show. Woefully unimpressed with their ability to run a trade show, attract buyers and offer even a modicum of customer service to the artists who were paying their way there. I have often wondered if things improved and wish I’d stayed in contact with more of the artists I met there. Hope the customers you did get are long term ones.

    • Ayn

      Ann, thanks for the insight. Their customer service toward artists is actually quite good now. It’s unfortunate that show quality and attendance is so lacking. I really made only 1 new customer connection through this show, but it is a good one.

  • Jennie

    Ayn, I had a show like that. Painful when there are crickets in the aisles. I’m glad it wasn’t a total bust.

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