A Fall Eco-Tribe Gathering in Colorado

IMG_1373The Place:  our new dye deck

The People: from near and far

the tribe

The Fun we had: over 2 days, with 3 natural dye pots, a steamer, and a bunch of leaves





We laughed, we tried new things, we learned and shared good times.

stained handsLooking forward to the next time we’ll have the pots going again and can expand the circle of our tribe enjoying our creative time together.

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2 comments to A Fall Eco-Tribe Gathering in Colorado

  • These are so so so gorgeous. I have about given up, as i just can’t get the results everyone else is, so will live vicariously through you :)

    • Ayn

      Ah, don’t give up….better yet, maybe we’ll be able to connect somewhere (here, there, or somewhere in between) and be able to share a dye pot and learnings sometime in the near future. There are always new things to learn and experiment with. It takes longer/more steps involved, but I’ve been finding more interesting results using pre-mordants and dyeing first, printing after the fact – lots of variables to be explored!

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