After 11 shows, its back to the studio she goes

The snow is flying outside and I am hunkered down inside.  I couldn’t be more ready for some creative time alone, in my studio, to go further inside, to explore, to play, to make some new work.

a new piece in progress

a new piece in progress

I’ve had 11 shows this year (4 are still in progress) and since the year is not quite over, I’m not done yet.  I have one more show of my work that’s just recently opened that I’m pleased to tell you about – it’s at Gallery in the Woods in Brattleboro, VT.  This is my introductory show at this gallery and includes several of my B&W and more neutral palette textile paintings, circular blocks, dye drawings, and some hand-printed pillows.  If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop in and check it out.

a new small stitched piece in progress

a new small stitched piece in progress

Speaking of B&W, I’ve started work on a new smallish piece (above) as well.  Lately I’ve been drawn to slow down and simplify, which means “drawing” with hand-stitching and a limited, neutral color palette – my healing response to the flurry of show activity and the energy of craziness going on in the world currently.

I’m working on getting my creative mojo going again….seems like awhile since I’ve been creating and I miss it.  With the intermittent time I’m able to be in my studio, along with my show commitments, I need to get a rhythm going and I’m excited about making some new work.

Some really great things are coming up in the new year, including a couple of shows in Feb (which is really just right around the corner when you think about it – yikes).  In addition to this brand new work I’ve started above, I’ve also pulled out some pieces I started earlier in the year which I’m going to try to resolve so I’ll have new works finished for the February shows.

another work in progress, started earlier this year

another work in progress, started earlier this year

Its really wonderful to be taking some time to slow down, reflect, and create at this time of year.  I do enjoy going out sometimes, but for this introvert, right now there’s nothing better than being at home with some quiet creative time in the studio.

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2 comments to After 11 shows, its back to the studio she goes

  • Paige

    Would love to know, is that stitched piece completely created using different stitching styles and did you by chance use a sewing machine for this or was it all by hand. Trying to do similar by hand with recycled fabrics for my art work but we dont have the facilities to use sewing machines with various stitches.

    • Ayn

      Hi Paige,
      Actually both images in this post are stitched and both include mostly hand-stitching, but also a little bit of machine stitching too. I like to try to achieve as much variety of mark as possible. To do this, I used varying types of hand stitches, as well as couching by hand and then added a bit of machine stitching as well.

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