Mounting textiles for wall display

Halloween is a distant memory and we’re shooshing on into the holiday season. This week brings the close of one show (SOFA Chicago) and the opening of another (Holiday group show at Gallery 360 in MPLS). I have 3 other shows currently in progress in Auburn (NY), Guilford (CT), and Denver (CO) – please see […]

What do NY, CT, Chicago, and Minneapolis have in common?

I have artwork in 4 shows in these locations, all of which will be opening within the next month.

My studio art-making and shipping/receiving department have been on overdrive the past couple months prepping for these and other upcoming shows.

Here are the specifics of the 4 show locations:

NY – Quilts=Art=Quilts at the Schweinfurth […]

Behind the Scenes of Running an Art Business

I’m smack dab in the middle of a stretch of doing 6 shows in 5 months, so LV has quickly passed into rear view as I have to keep my focus forward on the road ahead. My next show is coming up this weekend as I join over 60 other area artists in opening my […]

cARTography, beaches, and driftwood

Springtime in Seattle – We went for the opening event for the cARTography show and stayed a couple of days to explore the city.

The show included work by 40 artists from 15 countries – an interesting wide-variety of interpretations of “maps” in all kinds of mediums ranging […]

Spring has sprung 4 new places to find my work

Thanks to some great early spring weather, the dye pots and steaming have been in full swing since our return from the ACC Baltimore show and 3 orders of scarves are now bundled up and headed for artisan stores on both coasts.

On the west coast, my scarves have […]

3 Things: Willow, Are You Ready to Bundle? AND an Exhibit Opening this Week

Willow-An Artisan Market

Well that holiday weekend was sure a whirlwind blur wasn’t it?

Barbara and I spent Saturday afternoon at Willow – An Artisan’s Market in Littleton, CO doing an artists’ meet and greet event. We loved the artwork and the feel of this shop when we first happened upon it while doing a […]

Do what you can, then go to bed

Around here we have a saying: You do what you can, then you go to bed.

For the first part of this year, I’ve done what I can – 2 big shows in a 3 month span (including travel), entered the wholesale market and wrote my first orders, and kept up the full time day […]