Behind the Scenes of Running an Art Business

I’m smack dab in the middle of a stretch of doing 6 shows in 5 months, so LV has quickly passed into rear view as I have to keep my focus forward on the road ahead. My next show is coming up this weekend as I join over 60 other area artists in opening my […]

A Mighty Lonesome Show

When someone refers to your fine art stitched textile wall pieces as “pot holders”, it’s a pretty big clue you’re at the wrong show. Unfortunately, such was the case for me this past week at the ACRE Las Vegas show.

The good news is I wrote 2 orders with 2 new galleries and met […]

Making Hay and a Fall Workshop Announcement

Making Hay

With orders to fill and multiple shows on the horizon, it was great to have a week of almost summer-like weather to get the dye pots bubbling, and the steamers steaming. The result: 32 eco-dyed scarves and 17 black patterned scarves are now “in process” in the studio, soon to be finished and […]

Back in the Saddle

Home from Baltimore and re-centered, having had a couple weeks to absorb the whole experience, recover and do some follow up – ready for some good news?

My booth at the 2015 ACC Baltimore show

Better Results this Year

We learned so much last year that there’s stuff I’m sure we don’t even realize […]

Creating Art to Order

A good-sized batch of my scarves will be winging it’s way toward the east coast soon

It will include 12 of the eco-printed variety

And, 12 of my breakdown screen-printed kind, too

Brick by Brick: ACC Baltimore Part 5

In an earlier post, I said I view my results from the ACC Baltimore show as a success even though my sales didn’t cover my costs of doing the show.

My studio, cleaned up and ready for a gallery visit.

My goals for exhibiting at ACC Baltimore (and St. Paul) include not only selling […]

Mosquito Repellent Scarves?

Black and White stripes seem to be nature’s best defense against blood-sucking insects. At least that’s what this national geographic article says – zebras’ stripes confuse and scramble the vision of horseflies, protecting them from those nasty suckers.

Hand printed silk scarves for the Chrysler Art Museum Store

Is it too much of a […]

Use Everything You’ve Got: ACC Baltimore Part 4

Four lessons learned and Why I’ll Do It Again

That’s me at the start of the 2007 Steamboat Triathlon

A few years ago I was strategizing with my triathlon coach about managing my energy and body throughout an upcoming race to make sure I finished strong with my best performance. The run is […]

ACC Baltimore Part 2: The Wholesale Show

Finishing Booth Set up and Two days of Wholesale show Feb 18: Day 2 of Set up

We continued hanging and setting up artwork, and more exhibitors continued to arrive – there were still lots of cars and trucks on the show floor on day 2 of set up, delivering goods to booth spaces.


We’re baaaack…and Yes, it was worth it!

Ever run a marathon or compete in a long triathlon?

Then you’ll relate to the energy it takes to exhibit in a week-long American Craft Council show.

Barbara and I in front of my booth, third day of the show, first day of the public retail show.

I’ve got […]