After 11 shows, its back to the studio she goes

The snow is flying outside and I am hunkered down inside. I couldn’t be more ready for some creative time alone, in my studio, to go further inside, to explore, to play, to make some new work.

a new piece in progress

I’ve had 11 shows this year (4 are still in progress) and […]

Last night I went to China

I was walking down a long empty street, both sides lined with storefronts of alternating restaurants – Chinese, Indian, then Chinese again. I walked and walked, seemed like forever. I finally chose an Indian restaurant, went in and ordered some naan and water.

“aerial view” of LineScape #21 in progress ©2013 Ayn Hanna

Next […]

Be the (Golf) Ball

It might be a Zen thing. It’s definitely my favorite recurring dream.

I’m playing golf, enjoying the great outdoors, warm weather & sunshine. Feeling good and strong physically and emotionally, swinging the club. I tee up the ball, take a practice swing or two, and launch a great drive (I know it’s so because of […]

Color and Dreams

Carpet is in! Painting is finished! And we’re on the verge of getting the living room, bath room, and dining room back together again.

(clockwise from upper left) living room with new ceiling, carpet, lighting, and paint; bathroom with new carpet, paint; new ceiling fan; new carpet on the stairs.

After a month of […]

I had a dream…

last night

that I was Hillary Clinton’s assistant.

She was still Secretary of State, very strong, vibrant, and happy. (I was excited and happy too….waaaaaay less stressed in this role than I am in my current day job.) Hillary and Barack had stopped by our home for a dinner party. We were joined by […]

Sometimes I feel like a Duck

Our little black bear.

The image of this sweet confused young bear’s face is burned into my mind. A week ago, we raised the deck door window shade, and much to our surprise and delight, there she was – sitting sideways under the pine tree, looking back at us with as much surprise and […]

Pass It On! Art Show Opening in Longmont, CO

Quick Announcement! My artwork is included in the Pass It On Art Quilt Show which opens this Friday, 1/14 at the Old Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, CO. The show opens with a reception Friday night and will be up through Feb 18.

I wrote about this invitational challenge and posted my piece that I […]

“Pass It On” Challenge: My First Dream-Inspired Textile Painting

"Dream #1 – Alchemy" (c)2010 Ayn Hanna, 18"x24", Textile Painting (cotton fabric, cotton thread, cotton batting)

I completed this textile painting back in Jan this year. It is for an invitational quilt challenge sponsored by Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine which I participated in along with 11 other artists. I had to wait to show […]