A Fall Eco-Tribe Gathering in Colorado

The Place: our new dye deck

The People: from near and far

The Fun we had: over 2 days, with 3 natural dye pots, a steamer, and a bunch of leaves

We laughed, we tried new things, we learned and shared good times.

Looking forward to the next time we’ll […]

Sum Sum Summertime….Riding the A Train and sleeping in a Teepee

Art train that is.

Since my last post, I’ve had 2 art exhibitions and been to one workshop. A quick drive by to catch up –

9 patch – peony, catalpa, sumac, prunus, cotinus, and eucalyptus plant prints on silk

I’m working on a video – a virtual tour of my studio as I […]

Spring has sprung 4 new places to find my work

Thanks to some great early spring weather, the dye pots and steaming have been in full swing since our return from the ACC Baltimore show and 3 orders of scarves are now bundled up and headed for artisan stores on both coasts.

On the west coast, my scarves have […]

Making Hay and a Fall Workshop Announcement

Making Hay

With orders to fill and multiple shows on the horizon, it was great to have a week of almost summer-like weather to get the dye pots bubbling, and the steamers steaming. The result: 32 eco-dyed scarves and 17 black patterned scarves are now “in process” in the studio, soon to be finished and […]

Back in the Saddle

Home from Baltimore and re-centered, having had a couple weeks to absorb the whole experience, recover and do some follow up – ready for some good news?

My booth at the 2015 ACC Baltimore show

Better Results this Year

We learned so much last year that there’s stuff I’m sure we don’t even realize […]

An exhibit opening and two workshops

Where were we? It’s fall, the energy of making is in full swing and it’s been a crazy month – 2 workshops in the past 2 weekends and an art show opening this coming weekend.

Eco-Dyeing with Natural Plants Workshop

2 weekends ago, we lucked out with amazingly beautiful weather for my fall workshop. It […]

How making Art made me want to learn Science

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond” is another of my personal badge pieces. This piece was purchased from our “Must Love Art” Exhibition and is now a part of the permanent collection of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University.

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond”, 5 x 5 inches, mini textile painting (vintage fabrics, stitching) […]

An Unbundling Weekend

Results from a dye sessions in mid July, so these bundles have rested about a month before opening

Above, wool with eucalyptus and cotinus leaves, copper, steamed.

Below, cotton with eucalyptus and cotinus, cooked in an iron pot.

Magical Botanical Soup

Another of the silk bundles

wrapped with maple, cotinus, and eucalyptus

then cooked in a brew of botanicals

bubbling in an iron pot

the magical alchemy of plants, water, heat, and iron

make their marks

The first of the bundles revealed

The first of the bundles to be unwrapped – a silk/cotton blend which takes the plant dyes beautifully, wrapped together with a silk organza (bonus fabric).

The best part of the whole process – Here’s a short video of the unbundling: