After 11 shows, its back to the studio she goes

The snow is flying outside and I am hunkered down inside. I couldn’t be more ready for some creative time alone, in my studio, to go further inside, to explore, to play, to make some new work.

a new piece in progress

I’ve had 11 shows this year (4 are still in progress) and […]

Art Cloth Eye Candy – Studio Play Time

Over the course of a few weeks, I’ve assembled a group of 13 silk screens with dye drawings. It was time to get to printing all of these out on cloth. Sunday became the day for the 6 hour long printing session.

printing out one of my silk screen dye drawings onto cotton cloth


Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

An irresistible urge to Paint

Do you ever feel so constrained, and boxed-in by the stifling structure of the day job, that you need to find some way of breaking free and letting loose? I sure do.

And funny thing is, even working with the textile medium (at least in the way that I do) […]

Fly Me to the Moon

Yellow. It seems my most favorite color lately. Some have argued that it’s actually green.

LineScape #22 – Window Seat, 18.5 x 30 in. © Ayn Hanna

A deconstructed dye drawing on fabric

with thread as well

LineScape #22 – Window Seat (detail) © Ayn Hanna

A Gorgeous Day at Horseshoe Spring Market

My "Hanna-Dyed" booth at Horseshoe Market

Loads of sunshine, and more dogs, children, and pregnant women than I’ve ever seen in one day in my life – pretty much sums it up. Seriously, if you love dogs (and I do, especially one large brown chessie-lab mix), this was a great place to be!

One […]

New Work – “Mad Hatter”

New Work. Fewer Words. More Story.

"Mad Hatter" © Ayn Hanna Textile Painting, 29.5 x 27.5 in

"Mad Hatter" (detail) © Ayn Hanna

"Mad Hatter" (detail) © Ayn Hanna


Be the (Golf) Ball

It might be a Zen thing. It’s definitely my favorite recurring dream.

I’m playing golf, enjoying the great outdoors, warm weather & sunshine. Feeling good and strong physically and emotionally, swinging the club. I tee up the ball, take a practice swing or two, and launch a great drive (I know it’s so because of […]

I had a dream…

last night

that I was Hillary Clinton’s assistant.

She was still Secretary of State, very strong, vibrant, and happy. (I was excited and happy too….waaaaaay less stressed in this role than I am in my current day job.) Hillary and Barack had stopped by our home for a dinner party. We were joined by […]

Everything’s New All Over Again

So here we are, 2013 – the whirl and whiz of year end holidays are but a blur and the reality of a new year is setting in.

The New Year’s Eve Gala in Telluride was a smashing success, and a whole lot of fun! (Snow, cold, mountains, a great feast, meeting lots of great […]

Did someone say pillows?

Yes siree, the Hanna-Dyed line of domestic goods is expanding….and now includes Pillows!

These are handmade from pieces of hand-printed 100% pimatex cotton which absorbs dye beautifully.

"Geometric Layers" pillows by Hanna-Dyed (18" and 16" hand-printed cotton with faux down inserts)

Printed using the oh-so-much-fun deconstructed screen-printing process, each piece is a one-of-a-kind original […]