Mounting textiles for wall display

Halloween is a distant memory and we’re shooshing on into the holiday season. This week brings the close of one show (SOFA Chicago) and the opening of another (Holiday group show at Gallery 360 in MPLS). I have 3 other shows currently in progress in Auburn (NY), Guilford (CT), and Denver (CO) – please see […]

“Above the Chatter” show opening in Denver

“Above the Chatter” show opens tomorrow, Sept 4 at Metro Frameworks 44T Artspace in Denver. I am excited to be showing with 2 artist kindred spirits – Mary Bergherr and Barbara Gilhooly. Our work plays well together.

LineScape #29 (Tent Rocks) © Ayn Hanna

I will be showing a large selection of my personal […]

Visual Vocabulary: Melding Drawing & Writing

What are your favorite ways of communicating your creative ideas? Some creatives have a strong preference for communicating via either visual or written means, feeling they convey their thoughts more clearly through one method or the other. I’ve always loved both drawing and writing and have integrated both in my creative work.

“Creative Writer”, […]

You don’t know what you don’t know

What a difference a year makes – At this time last year, I was climbing a steep learning curve, preparing to exhibit in my first ACC Baltimore show and dealing with a lot of unknowns. This year, I get the benefit of having been through that fire, with a much greater understanding of the big […]

How making Art made me want to learn Science

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond” is another of my personal badge pieces. This piece was purchased from our “Must Love Art” Exhibition and is now a part of the permanent collection of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University.

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond”, 5 x 5 inches, mini textile painting (vintage fabrics, stitching) […]

Survival & Self-Reliance: Visual Autobiography Part 5

What’s your earliest vivid childhood memory?

Fear and Courage, the adrenaline rush of believing I was going to die, at age 3 and a half.

Growing up in Topeka, KS (aka Tornado Alley) summer time meant lightning bugs, hot humid days, and too many killer tornadoes. June 8, 1966, I rode […]

Peace and Abundance

"Abundance", 5 x 5 inches, mini textile painting (fabrics, stitching), ©2014 Ayn Hanna

It’s been a weird week of emotions. 2 art exhibit openings and my wedding coming up in early September have had me on a good high. But news of a local artist friend being hospitalized in critical condition (because he was beaten by some as-yet-unknown persons while confronting them for shooting off fireworks at 12:30 […]

Visual Autobiography Part 3: More Personal Badges

A couple of notable transient “states of being” I acknowledge

Wait for it….

“Patience”, 5 x 5 inches, mini textile painting, ©2014 Ayn Hanna

At times that patience wears thin and passion takes over…

“Angry Girl”, 5 x 5.5 inches, mini textile painting ©2014 Ayn Hanna

Visual Autobiography Part 2

More Badges

Here’s a few more I’ve made in the past week:

“Catcher”, 5 x 4 inches, mini textile painting ©2014 Ayn Hanna

Softball…One of my great loves. I would play on any day in any way. I would play in the snow and on the go, in any weather or with a feather. […]

Badges: A Visual Autobiography – New Works in Progress

With 3 exhibitions coming up within the next 3 months, I’ve been focused on getting my studio practice revved back up and have several new works in progress.

One of my upcoming shows is “Must Love Art”, a large collaborative show with my partner Barbara Gilhooly, opening on Sept. 5th at the CCC Gallery […]