A Mighty Lonesome Show

When someone refers to your fine art stitched textile wall pieces as “pot holders”, it’s a pretty big clue you’re at the wrong show. Unfortunately, such was the case for me this past week at the ACRE Las Vegas show.

The good news is I wrote 2 orders with 2 new galleries and met […]

Creating Art to Order

A good-sized batch of my scarves will be winging it’s way toward the east coast soon

It will include 12 of the eco-printed variety

And, 12 of my breakdown screen-printed kind, too

Pillows, Paperwork, Policies, Painful Lessons, & Printers

Last week of ACC Baltimore Show Prep

After last week’s crazy packing and shipping stress, we had a moment of victory/relief once the pallet was on the truck. And then it was on to the next wave of “to-do’s”: the paperwork. (Status update: the pallet was in PA yesterday and expected to arrive in VT […]

Oh Me Oh My – ACC Baltimore Show opens 3 weeks from today!

“Big City” (6 stitched deconstructed dye drawings stretched and mounted around 20″x20″ canvas panels) ©2014 Ayn Hanna

T-3 weeks ’till showtime – Booth #719 at ACC Baltimore!

The booth is fully consuming the living room, the sewing machines are whirring along, more boxes keep arriving daily with stuff we’re going to need to make […]