A Fall Eco-Tribe Gathering in Colorado

The Place: our new dye deck

The People: from near and far

The Fun we had: over 2 days, with 3 natural dye pots, a steamer, and a bunch of leaves

We laughed, we tried new things, we learned and shared good times.

Looking forward to the next time we’ll […]

Behind the Scenes of Running an Art Business

I’m smack dab in the middle of a stretch of doing 6 shows in 5 months, so LV has quickly passed into rear view as I have to keep my focus forward on the road ahead. My next show is coming up this weekend as I join over 60 other area artists in opening my […]

Making Hay and a Fall Workshop Announcement

Making Hay

With orders to fill and multiple shows on the horizon, it was great to have a week of almost summer-like weather to get the dye pots bubbling, and the steamers steaming. The result: 32 eco-dyed scarves and 17 black patterned scarves are now “in process” in the studio, soon to be finished and […]

An exhibit opening and two workshops

Where were we? It’s fall, the energy of making is in full swing and it’s been a crazy month – 2 workshops in the past 2 weekends and an art show opening this coming weekend.

Eco-Dyeing with Natural Plants Workshop

2 weekends ago, we lucked out with amazingly beautiful weather for my fall workshop. It […]

How making Art made me want to learn Science

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond” is another of my personal badge pieces. This piece was purchased from our “Must Love Art” Exhibition and is now a part of the permanent collection of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University.

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond”, 5 x 5 inches, mini textile painting (vintage fabrics, stitching) […]

The first of the bundles revealed

The first of the bundles to be unwrapped – a silk/cotton blend which takes the plant dyes beautifully, wrapped together with a silk organza (bonus fabric).

The best part of the whole process – Here’s a short video of the unbundling:

3 Things: Willow, Are You Ready to Bundle? AND an Exhibit Opening this Week

Willow-An Artisan Market

Well that holiday weekend was sure a whirlwind blur wasn’t it?

Barbara and I spent Saturday afternoon at Willow – An Artisan’s Market in Littleton, CO doing an artists’ meet and greet event. We loved the artwork and the feel of this shop when we first happened upon it while doing a […]

Eco-dye Playshop, May 17 & 18 in Fort Collins, CO

The snow is still falling and temperatures freezing. The dye pot deck area is a blanket of white.

And I am dreaming of spring, warmer days, the greening up of things, the smell of walnuts simmering in the pot.

Dates have now been confirmed for my next Eco-Dye Playshop. […]

Last night I went to China

I was walking down a long empty street, both sides lined with storefronts of alternating restaurants – Chinese, Indian, then Chinese again. I walked and walked, seemed like forever. I finally chose an Indian restaurant, went in and ordered some naan and water.

“aerial view” of LineScape #21 in progress ©2013 Ayn Hanna

Next […]

Octoblurrr Art-a-whirl

Two Art Business trips – check.

Teaching a 2 Day Workshop – check.

My first big solo show in Boulder opening the night before my workshop – check.

All of these things happening this month – priceless (and a little nutty too)! Hardcore evidence of the law-of-attraction in motion.

silk eco-dyed with roses, eucalyptus, […]