Behind the Scenes of Running an Art Business

I’m smack dab in the middle of a stretch of doing 6 shows in 5 months, so LV has quickly passed into rear view as I have to keep my focus forward on the road ahead. My next show is coming up this weekend as I join over 60 other area artists in opening my […]

Falling in Love Again

See it, back there on the wall in the corner of the studio? That’s the next piece in my LineScape series. I started it last year and am now circling my way back toward reconnecting with it with plans of finishing it for a rapidly approaching exhibit that opens in May.

LineScape #31 in […]

How making Art made me want to learn Science

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond” is another of my personal badge pieces. This piece was purchased from our “Must Love Art” Exhibition and is now a part of the permanent collection of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability at Colorado State University.

“Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond”, 5 x 5 inches, mini textile painting (vintage fabrics, stitching) […]

Visual Autobiography Part 2

More Badges

Here’s a few more I’ve made in the past week:

“Catcher”, 5 x 4 inches, mini textile painting ©2014 Ayn Hanna

Softball…One of my great loves. I would play on any day in any way. I would play in the snow and on the go, in any weather or with a feather. […]

Badges: A Visual Autobiography – New Works in Progress

With 3 exhibitions coming up within the next 3 months, I’ve been focused on getting my studio practice revved back up and have several new works in progress.

One of my upcoming shows is “Must Love Art”, a large collaborative show with my partner Barbara Gilhooly, opening on Sept. 5th at the CCC Gallery […]

Do what you can, then go to bed

Around here we have a saying: You do what you can, then you go to bed.

For the first part of this year, I’ve done what I can – 2 big shows in a 3 month span (including travel), entered the wholesale market and wrote my first orders, and kept up the full time day […]

Spirit in the Making

Recuperative studio time. Quiet reflection, drawing marks on the cloth with wet paste, watching the image disappear as the paste dries in the sun, then magically re-appear with the steam. The wind took a break for a day. The sun was warm, the cloth cooperative, giving up it’s color without too much fight.

Over hill and dale

Art, Aspen, airplanes, apple trees, campfires, cows, chickens, sheep, horses, pigs, mountains, hot springs, farms, family, and fried foods.

2 weekends, lots of travel, people, and places – a good rousting change of scenery, a momentary respite from the corporate grind, and a spinning wheel of new perspectives and gratitude.

1 of 3 […]

“You can’t get it wrong” and 7 other thoughts about making a living as an Artist

One of the great mysteries of the Universe for many Artists is how to achieve success making a living doing the work we love to do. We each have our own struggles (resistance) to overcome and have to find our own way. But how to do it, where to start?

“LineScape #27″, 20″ […]

A Textile Week Mash-Up & A Ghost Baby

Friday: New Legacies Show Opening Reception

The work in this show just keeps getting better every year. It’s fun to walk through the exhibit and see work by nationally (and internationally) recognized artists and in some cases, see work that I’ve seen on the web or in a magazine and hoped I would one day […]